Account Setup

New Students: You cannot set up your email account until AFTER you register for classes.
Please see for more information and instructions.

PLEASE NOTE: In order to setup your email account your first step is to go to My Profile to get your NetID and set its password. You will need to your MSU ID and PIN to log in to My Profile.  This is the same ID used for registering for classes. 

  1. Get your NetID and set password 

  2. Go to the email/netID login page for your campus (see links below)
    1. Log in with your NetID and password.
    2. Type in the security code in the image (also known as a Captcha).
    3. Accept the Terms of Service (at the bottom of the page)

    Campus links to email login page: Bozeman, Billings, Great Falls, Havre

  3. Provide us with feedback!